Burton Bradstock Marathon, Half, 10 km and 5 km

Burton Bradstock Marathon, Half, 10 km and 5 km


Start time: Sunday 7:30am (14 October)
End time: Sunday 5:00pm (14 October)


After the great time everyone had in 2017, The marathon will return in 2018, with a half ,10 km and 5 km runs also available.
The event will still be based at the home of Ciderology the fantastic Bredy cider farm on the edge of Burton Bradstock.
You you can camp the night before if you wish.(You must book through Bredy farm).
With parking close by and the start within 50 meters of the Cider bar, its something to look forward to at the end.(As long as someone else is driving), its also a great place for your family to relax as you do all the work.
The routes are on nice quite country roads, with aid stations on route (4 for 2018 approx every 5 km) and our as always welcoming environment, #PUSHYOURLIMITS and enter now.

Each year we learn a little bit more to make the event as good as it can be, we are really chilled about time limits and we want everyone to finish the marathon who starts it and if you can manage 7 hours and under then come and try the illusive distance in the heart of Dorset.