Norseman Sagas The Iron Lords

Norseman Sagas The Iron Lords


Start time: Friday 9:00pm (23 November)
End time: Sunday 1:00pm (25 November)


Gunman Airsoft - Eversley
The Welsh Drive, Fleet Road (A327), Fleet


FilmSim events and Eye LARP proudly presents...
Norseman Sagas – Gods and Giants
‘Ep3 The Iron Lords’
Eversley, Hampshire
£65 if deposit paid before 23rd Oct 2018 otherwise £75. Please see booking details below.
Capped at 40 players and up to 30 crew.
23-25 November 2018

Gods and Giants.
Midgard is lost to the might of the God Child and his treacherous mind. Many Norse have fled across the vast western seas with the promise of new lands, for Erik the Red promised it so. He now lies spent in this world and is now welcomed in the Halls of his fathers, for his purpose is now fulfilled. This new world is Alfheim and the Ljosalfa, light Elves have welcomed their distant kin with gifts of land, though their appearance and ways are very different to those of Midgard. The peoples of Midgard were followed by an enemy of great power and have also become part of a greater tale, for the Dokkalfar, the Dark Elves that live beneath earth of Alfheim and made a pact with the Giants of Jotanheim. The Dokkalfar have built a great rope ladder from their world to Jotanheim and have brought the Jotan and their mountains to Alfheim. It is said they have also been banished from Midgard and can no longer influence its people. Now they search for a seed of Yggdrasil so they may grow they own world tree and from its great height bring war to Asgard. The war for Alfheim has begun and in its casting lies a greater war. The War of Gods and Giants.

‘The Iron Lords’
It is the end of winter 887 and those given the task to retrieve the Key of Yggdrasil have returned empty handed. They found its secret cave, but had to flee its controlling charm and snared sentinels before they got snared themselves. Returning back to Bjorngard empty hands, they has been followed by one of Havard’s creations, Skin Walkers, who could slip into the spiritless body of their victims whilst offering up the unwilling spirit to Hel. These agents where deadly and created suspicion and distrust in the camp.

Meanwhile, in Bjorngard, thousands of people went missing from the shoreline of the Bjornstadir’s surrounding camps. A mist rolled in all around and enveloped the land and as it past, it took with it its chosen victims. As if in a dream, the mist belched forth and then receded, for it was Angrboda’s children that cast the great fog and stole away the unaware, but non know the reason.

After the party and those left in Jarl Merca’s company came together in the camp of Bjorngard, it was apparent the powers of the world were moving. During the next day, Skin Walkers and Havard’s Draugr tried to unhinge the Yawlung clan and its allies, but were thwarted by victories in great battles and the cunning of the mystics. Finally after being almost tipped into the darkest pits of despair, the Norseman came out strong and a great foe of the peoples of Bjorngard was defeated. Havard the cruel, a sorcerer of Iceland and a master of the dead, enemy to the Boars of Iceland, friends to the Jarl and curse maker of the Jarl himself, he has been vanquished to Hel, along with his hags and Draugr. For a battle of power and strength, of mind and determination finally broke the grip of control Havard had of his magic to his death.

After discovering that Havard’s network of tunnels had been dug by a pact made child of Nidhogg, the Jarl demanded to talk to this Worm and make a deal of hid own. With the help of Ratatoskr, the squirrel, it was arrange and a new pact was struck, but the most bizarre of deals was struck. To avoid the charms of the Key, a new party would be swallowed by the worm and spat out the other side of the cave. AND SWALLOWED THEY WERE……

Welcome to Gods and Giants. Unlike Rainmaker which was a journey across lands and oceans set in a ‘real world’ setting, Gods and Giants is set in a mystical Norse world. Character played in the original Rainmaker episodes are very welcome to join us as in the story all those of the old ways fled and followed Erik the Red on his outrageous adventure across the Atlantic and never seen again.

Be you an old or new player to Norseman, you have arrived in this ‘New World’ on your own in a ship full of strangers or as a Clan/Jarls party. To be a Jarl or clan leader, you only need 4 other Huscarls/Shield Maidens to accompany you.
To make your back-story, just wiki Vikings in 880s-90s and set it the ‘Real world’.
You have fled to evade the Christian yoke, left because you had too or just wanted an adventure and arrived in a new world filled with wonder and possibilities. Be doubters or believers, be fighters of mystics, be traders or artisans, be husbands and wives. All new players have a very good in.

From this moment on, you are part of the Saga, a ‘Dream of Yggdrasil’, and so characters can entre and leave the Saga as they want. It also means guys that miss an event can re-appear in it without a huge explanation where they have been. Allowing us fluid continuity and reason. Imagine this tale is being told to children in a great long hall far away and we are enacting its telling.

We have introduced a drip-fed mystical and magical element to the game and expanded the games boundaries for us all to play in. As time goes on and we get more comfortable with these new fun elements, we will broaden it to include more of the Norse Mythology into the game.
Skyrim the larp without it being a blatant rip off.

There will also be a simple trading and coin system, so guys can play a more varied style of game.

CREWING will be on their feet all weekend with loads of awesome roles and war, you may only make a few visits back to the crew hut, so bring easy to eat and drink things during the day. Usual bacon will always be there though in the morning to get us going and a hearty meal Saturday night if you have pre-booked your crew place on the website;)

IC Camping for this event.
All IC camping will be set up in Bjorngard, however, the whole event will start in a glade close and all players, new and old will be given a brief to where and why they are there.

Event details
Feel free to arrive anytime on the Friday after 12pm to set up your camps and the key to the main gate will be hanging on the stop sign if your arriving late. There will be an area for both In Character (IC) camping and out of character (OC) camping.

In game times.
Time in is at 9.00pm on the Friday and will time-out no later than 2.00am Saturday morning.
Time in will continue at 10am Saturday morning and time out again at 2.00pm Sunday morning.
Time in Sunday at 10am and we will finish no later than 2.00pm Sunday.

Facilities on site
We will bring some water on for cooking and washing up. You will need to bring enough drinking water with you for the event.

We use porta loos onsite and they are for SITTING only. Anyone caught standing and peeing all over the loo seats will be handed cleaning stuff!!!!!!

Ticket price is £65 or £75 if the deposit is paid after the discounted period. Normally 1 month from the event. To secure your place we ask for a non-refundable part payment of £25 deposit to be paid. The balance to be paid on the gate.
Book your tickets here

On the gate ticket price will be the full ticket price + £20 hopefully this will give guys an incentive to pay up early.

Prices for events may differ depending on location and the type of event so make sure you have read the booking information before booking on via our website .

All tickets bought are NON-REFUNDABLE but you can sell the tickets on to recuperate your ticket fee. Full details of the new ticket owner must be sent to along with the name of the event and any other important booking information.

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